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April was a month of many, Many, MANY new makeup launches. And as a beauty blogger and self diagnosed makeup addict it was like Christmas all month long. My bank can attest to this as well. A lot of those launches I was thrilled about, some not so much but I jumped at the chance to try as much as I could or at least what I liked. There were a lot of hits and an occasional miss but over all I am pleased with my new goodies. So pleased that many of them have found their way into my routine daily. So without further ado I give you my “monthly” favorites.


Golden Sands

Lets start with the Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palette in Golden Sands. This is a thing of beauty just to keep on your vanity. The top left corner shade (Fiji) is what she calls Melted Strobe. It’s meant to be a base for the other shades. And boy is it! It’s made with Shea butter and pearls to melt into skin and it really is amazing. It’s a completely different from any texture of powder I have ever come across. It’s thick and almost creamy but still a powder. Even if you stop with this shade you will glow for miles but since it’s not glittery it looks stunning and still more natural than a lot of highlights.  The shade on the top left shade (Seychelles) is a golden Champagne color that you apply directly on top of the melted stripe to really make the highlight pop. This is much more powdery feeling that the melted strobe, but it’s not dry of flaky. It’s lovely. The darker shade on the bottom left (Tahiti) bronze golden shade-same texture as Seychelles-is almost like a “contour” color if you will and you kind of sweep it under the the lighter shades to bring the those colors more forward. Then my second favorite shade in the palette the bottom right (Zanzibar) is meant to be basically a blush. It’s a beautiful pinky peach tone with a gold shift to it. It’s the same consistency as the other 2 powders and you are supposed to place this on the apples of the cheek for a nice flush. It all works seamlessly together and the effect is otherworldly. I can’t get enough! This palette is best for medium/dark skin tones and the other palette, Pink Sands is best for lighter skin tones. Both are only available at Sephora Dubai right now but she is restocking in her site soon and they will be available in Sephora US May 1st and retails for $45


Swatches Left to Right: Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti, 

The next thing I have been obsessed with is the new highlighter stick from Milk Makeup. It’s a holographic highlight by the name of Mars. And it truly is out of this world beautiful. It looks like your average champagne gold in the tube, but don’t let this deceive you. It has an AMAZING Bright Pink holographic shift to it and I can’t stop starring! It will be available at Sephora and Milk Makeup.com May 2nd and retails for $28


Now onto eyeshadows. I have 2 palettes I have been wearing on the regular. One has been recently Re-Released and the other has been out for a little while but hey I love what I love. Let’s starts with the Morphe 25-B since “technically” it’s been out of stock awhile.


Morphe 25-B

This palette is so perfect for ME. I am the queen of glam neutral but since I have green eyes I also rely a lot on purple for that extra pop. The shimmers in this palette are so incredibly buttery and pigmented. Unfortunately there are a few mattes that missed the mark. But only a little. Most are pretty creamy and easy to work with. I think I only really had a hard time blending and building color with 3 of the matte shades. And for s total of 15 colors 3 being finicky is fine by me. Not to mention the price is unbeatable for this kind of quality. This palette is sold on Morphe.com and retails for $17.99. Morphe bows what’s up and they are a powerhouse brand these days! Get it Morphe!

Now onto the mini palette that has been around awhile but I love. It’s from Natasha Denona and is one of her 5 pan palettes. (Number 5 to be exact) This little guy packs a big Punch. I have never seen such pigment, such buttery easy to work with shades in all my years of being a makeup addict. I WILL be buying her new Sunset Palette on May 12th, but until then let me delight in these glittery and Matte glorys! Best I’ll my heart Natasha! This palette is a bronze lover and neutral lovers dream. This palette is available at Sephora and her namesake website, and retails for $48

And lastly, (I know this is long winded but I can’t help it!) Sephora recently launched a new to them brand called Pretty Vulgar. I was obsessed with their vintage look and beautiful packaging IMMEDIATELY! But, I was afraid to shell out a lot of cash on something no one has tried yet. So I grabbed the prettiest product they had. The Lock It In Setting Spray. It’s in a beautiful glass pink bottle with a gold cap and a mock atomizer! It’s heaven for vanity candy obsessed people like myself. But the real winner is the actual spray. It has no scent (thank you!) and locks in makeup all day! So I have already ordered some more things and will update you when I give them a shot. This little cutie retails for $30 and is available at Sephora and PrettyVulgar.com


Well those are it! What do you think? Have you guys tried any of these? What are your new favorites? Also if their is anything you want to know more about or a review, just ask!! Or find me on Instagram at @cparker1226

Peace✌️Love 💖 Makeup💋

MorpheMe Brush Club from LiveGlam


Click here to sign up!

I had found out about this little subscription back at the end of January and just thought I would share it with you quickly! It’s a one of a kind sub box. It ONLY contains brushes. Which is pretty amazing considering these particular brushes happen to all me Morphe. Which as we know has blown up on YouTube, Insta and blogs/vlogs all over the internet. And rightfully so, they feel soft and luxe and very pricey, but SURPRISE! They are totally affordable! What’s not to love? This little subscription is monthly. You pay $19.99 a month (They also offer 6 month and 12 month plans) and they promise to send you at l sat $30.00 in brushes each month. And they have so far! Depending upon which brush they send and its price tag varies, so the amount of brushes you receive each month also varies. But it’s been no less than 3 as far back as I could find. I love these brushes and I really feel like this is a great deal. I will leave my referral link here, because if you click it we BOTH get an extra FREE brush. So for me, pretty please, if you sign up, use my link,p. Hehe. Everyone gets one when they sign up too, so it’s not sponsored. Lord knows no one reads this blog anyway. Lol. The only “sponsor” I have is my husbands credit card.

I digress here now. Back to the brushes…. each month they also include a little card with useful info on how to use each brush in case your new to them or just not sure. Here are some of the brushes I have received so far.image

Well that’s about all I have for you today! Like I said before I am AWFUL, and super stinky at working even basic tech things. Like URL attachments on pics so hopefully the link on the picture from LiveGlam at the top will work!

Well see you on the flip side Guys and Dolls!




NARS NARSissit Loaded Eyeshadow Palette

IMG_0028     This palette by NARS is a beautiful, neutral shadow selection. It can be very daytime and office friendly but can most certainly be taken up a notch for nighttime wear. The packaging is so luxe. Gold mirrored front and black heavy duty plastic for the bottom half and inside. There’s also a nice sized mirror inside as well. This retails for $59 US and is available on the NARS website as well as Sephora. The pan size of each of the 12 shades is 0.004oz for anyone interested in that tid bit. Ok now enough with the boring info and onto the actual product!

I am the type of girl who lives for a nice neutral eye but with pops of shimmer, so this was clearly a “no brained” buy for me. To be honest there aren’t really any shades in here I haven’t seen before or have in my collection. But they are all very pretty and they do perform wonderfully. My two personal favorites, and probably the MOST unique of the shades are Alnwick (3rd row from left, middle shade) and Beaumaris (last row, middle shade) Alnwick is a warm reddish brown copper shade with a shimmer finish. Beaumaris is a warm chocolate brown also with a shimmer finish. There is a nice mix of shimmer, satins and matte and metallic shades in this palette which I always prefer because it always for a much wide range of looks and makes it simpler for let’s say travel where you can create an entire look with just one palette. Just a personal preference. The rest of the shades are as follows: Newbury Street is white pearly color with gold and has a shimmer finish, Windsor is a warm toned beige with a matte finish ( clutch transition shade guys and dolls) Privilege is a peachy gold tone with a metallic finish, Dover is a cool toned neutral brown with a matte finish, Foix is a peachy color with a matte finish (also a great transition color), Castille is a burnt umber brown shade with a matte finish, Splender is a bronzer pewter shade with a shimmer finish, Versailles is a warm bronze shade with a shimmer finish, Montaillou is a deep dark brown with a matte finish, and lastly Reale is a rich black shade with a satin finish.

All the colors perfomed well and blended nicely. I found that with the shimmers and metallics a light hand was necessary because they were a bit more powdery and left a fall out. BUT this was easily remedied with a light touch and just building the color up. The mattes in this palette were by far my favorites. They were smooth and buttery and easily blended. All the the colors had great pigmentation. I think these are totally worth the price. It’s a great neutral palette that can appeal and look great on tons of different skin colors. I would recommend a primer of course, (my favorite is Smashbox Photo Finish 24 hour Shadow Primer). But honestly they held up without one. I am just lucky enough to not have oily skin/eyelids. I really liked this one from NARS. I generally find all their products to be amazing. So if this looks like shades you could use in your kit or collection or if you are just needing a neutral palette I say pick this up. It is limited edition so keep that in mind. What do you think? Is his something you would pick up? If you want to se what it looks like on the eyes, let me know. I will HAPPILY do a look. (Any excuse to play with makeup!) I hope this helps if you were on the fence about purchasing. Also I think I am going to write about the new Jouer Rose Gold Collection next, but I am more than open to suggestions. Let me know if there is is something YOU want to know about. I will always do my best. I have a huge collection and am always picking up the newest launches. Well that’s it for me, ladies and gents! See you on the flip side!

IMG_0016Welcome to my blog! I’m Christine and I am a happily married mother of 3. But I also happen to be enthralled with all things beauty. This is what I want to write about, and share with you. Make up is an art form. It’s a beautiful, colorful fun way to express yourself. And you can change your look as often as you change how you feel because it washes away at the end of the day. I wNt this to be a fun and hate free place to talk about all things beauty. Be that mascara, skin care, the latest nail craze (I’m looking at you aquarium nails) or the latest IG fad. I love sharing my obsession with anyone who will listen. And I have learned a lot a long the way. I will share my new products, reviews, and tips and tricks. But please, be patient with my computer/tech skills. I can wing it out with eyeliner like nobody’s business, but can’t figure out how to get this blog set up properly. I will be posting as often as possible, but I feel like quality is more important than quantity. So anyway, enough rambling and I will talk with you soon! Next post will be a review on the new Narsissit eyeshadow palette. Look for it this weekend!